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AFJROTC Aerospace Science I & Leadership Education I EL201
This is an aviation history course focusing on the development of flight throughout the centuries. It starts with ancient civilizations, then progresses through time to modern day. The emphasis is on civilian and military contributions to aviation; the development, modernization, and transformation of the Air Force; and a brief astronomical and space exploration history. It is interspersed with concise overviews of the principles of flight to include basic aeronautics, aircraft motion and control, flight power, and rockets. Leadership Education I introduces cadets to the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program providing a basis for progression through the rest of the AFJROTC program while instilling elements of good citizenship. It contains sections on cadet and Air Force organizational structure, uniform wear, customs, courtesies, and other military traditions, health and wellness, fitness, individual self-control, and citizenship.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
PREREQUISITE: Ability to participate in physical training, grade appropriate reading level
AFJROTC Aerospace Science II & Leadership Education II EL202
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the aerospace environment, the human requirements of flight, and principles of aircraft flight and aircraft navigation. The course begins with a discussion of the atmosphere and weather. After developing an understanding of the environment, how that environment affects flight is introduced. Discussion includes the forces of lift, drag, thrust, and weight. Students also learn the basic navigation including map reading, course plotting, and the effects of wind. The portion on human requirements of flight is a survey course on human physiology. Discussed here are the human circulatory system, the effects of acceleration and deceleration and protective equipment. This course is a prerequisite for AS-500 Aviation Honors Ground School. Leadership Education II stresses communications skills and cadet corps activities. Much information is provided on communicating effectively, understanding groups and teams, preparing for leadership, solving conflicts and problems, and personal development. Written reports and speeches compliment the academic materials. Cadet corps activities include holding positions of greater responsibility in the planning and execution of corps projects.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 10-12
PREREQUISITE: Completion of Aerospace Science I. Physical training, grade appropriate reading level
AFJROTC Aerospace Science III & Leadership Education III EL203
The third year of AFJROTC introduces a science course that examines our solar system, along with the latest advancements in space technology and the challenges that space presents. The leadership element of this course shows cadets the importance of a college degree and financial planning, along with necessary skills that will help cadets apply for jobs in the future. Leadership Education III students will learn how to become a more confident financial planner and to save, invest, and spend money wisely, as well as how to avoid the credit trap. They will learn about real-life issues such as understanding contracts, leases, warranties, legal notices, personal bills, practical and money-saving strategies for grocery shopping, apartment selection, and life with roommates.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 11-12
PREREQUISITE: Completion of Aerospace Science II Leadership Education II, physical training, grade appropriate reading level
AFJROTC Aerospace Science IV & Leadership Education IV EL204
The final year of JROTC is available to cadets who have completed all previous years and are invited to take a fourth. These cadets manage the entire corps, which allows the cadets to use the skills taught the previous years. This management experience will prove very useful for future years in college and in the job field. Leadership Education IV course provides exposure to the fundamentals of management. The text contains many leadership topics that will benefit students as well as provide them with some of the necessary skills needed to put into practice what they have learned during their time in AFJROTC. We are confident this course, coupled with what cadets have already learned during their time in AFJROTC, will equip them with the qualities needed to serve in leadership positions within corps. Throughout the text are many ethical dilemmas, case studies, and role play activities built into the lessons. These activities are based on real life experiences and will allow students the opportunity to practice what they learn by getting involved in discussions and expressing their opinions.
PREREQUISITE: Completion of Aerospace Science III, Leadership Education III. Physical training, grade appropriate reading level